General services

EUROMONT provides the following services:

Mechanical installation

  • installation of industrial equipment / metal constructions
  • transportation of production capacity
  • pipeline installation and coating
  • installation of ventilation, aspiration and conditioning systems
  • pneumatic pipeline installation
  • dismantling

Electric installation

  • modernization of the existing equipment
  • installation of electric equipment & cable connections
  • installation and setting-up of the industrial equipment
  • planning and installation of lighting units
  • electric installations design
  • installation of automatic lines, measuring and automation systems, stations and control panels

Other services

  • maintenance and after-sale service for all electric units and equipment
  • commissioning and start-up / optimization of aspiration systems
  • supply of air ducting, filtration and ventilation systems
  • after-sales service
  • assistance in design of engineering systems (incl. aspiration, ventilation, automation)
  • remedial works